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Mission Statement

I come from the Family of Goldsmiths, Jewelry designers & manufactures. I am the third generation member of 50 years of tradition. Our jewelry shop & workshop is in Banda, a very small village, in Kokan region, which is 600 km from Mumbai.

But I have also done a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree course in Metal Work in 1999 from Sir J. J. School of Art in Mumbai. Due to this background, I have worked in metals like gold silver, copper, aluminum, iron, lead and their various metal alloys. I know the techniques of manufacturing thoroughly like chasing, etching, filigree work, repousse, various enameling techniques, metal coloring & patination etc. a traditional way.

This training has empowered me to work as an artist as well as metal craft is still may only thought as, I am keen to develop a language of expression as an artist & develop traditional crafts with modern interpretations in short doing the fusion of traditional crafts, modern designs sense & need of expression.


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